Multi Reference : Cannot Select Enum Into Context

Hey Appfarm
i have here one when i use a runtime property with cardinality many:

  • Workstation : Contains only one workstationEnum ( old process that i want to change )
  • Workstations : Contains a list of workstationEnum

the “workstationEnum” itself is an enum.

i have a case when i iterate on “WorkstationEnum” and i want to show , in each iteration, my item that contains this enum

it seems that i can’t select the workstationEnum in context on the condition popup

in this picture , you can see that workstation (old one) work by selecting the workstation in context
but it seems that i don’t have this option when using List ( even if i use “Equal” instead of “Has Some Of”

maybe i’m doing it wrong !


For those who needs a workaround

You Can do you condition inside of your iteration box ( as a visibility condition )

in that case you can go the other way by taking the enum in context before

it will be heavier depending on how big your DB is

Hi Yassine,

Thank you for pointing this out! I agree that this should work.

I will request the platform team to take a look at it. I am glad to hear that you found a workaround in the meantime.

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Hi Yassine,

I can now inform you that this will work in the next version of Appfarm Create:)