Check if the user has already installed the application

If the user has already installed the app, we do not want the “install app prompt” to be displayed when the user opens the application in the browser. If the user with the application already installed presses the install button the application throws a warning and ends the execution without any feedback to the user.

We have tried to use this function without success.


Thank you for submitting this to our Community.

We have a case open for this, to allow the developer to check if the app is installed, and only show the install prompt if the app is not installed.

In the meantime, there is an inbuilt App Variable that Appfarm provides called “Is Fullscreen”. Could this provide a solution?


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You could also add a boolean app variable with local storage persistence, that is set to true whenever the user installs the app. This would also be device specific, so the prompt would reappear if the user accessed the application on desktop after installing on mobile.

The “Is Fullscreen” variable also works on iPhone at least.

Hi! Thanks for the reply, Rhys.

Glad to hear that you are working on it :smiley: We already use the “Is Fullscreen” variable. The problem is that some user still opens the app in their browser after installing the application. The app then displays the install promp with an install button that doesn’t work.