Loading page + Refresh warning

Hi all,

I have two questions to ask.

  1. I have an action On App Load that takes some time to run. In the meantime, I want to display a custom loading page rather than the default loading icon. Is this possible?

  2. Every time, the user refreshes the page, I want to display a popup warning. I imagine this would be an On App Unload action or something to that effect. How can I achieve this in Appfarm?

Thank you!

Hi Ryan,

We currently do not have support for custom loading screens in Create. Since the UI is the last part to be loaded, we cannot show custom loading screens to the user before the app is fully loaded. However I have created a challenge with your request for custom loading screens internally.

As for the second question, we have some ideas regarding a new trigger for “Before App Unloaded.” This trigger would enable you to implement logic that warns the user before the page is closed / refreshes.