Interactive onboarding process


We are trying to make an interactive onboarding process of our app and wonder if there’s any good tips&tricks out there. We want our users to able do a “runtime” walkthrough of the main parts of our solution, which will include e.g. uploading of files and general object creation; “learning by doing” (in lack of a better description). To achieve this we want to make visual cues, informative popups and progress tracking.

Would it be most effective to make a copy of our app and redirect users, or would it make more sense to integrate it within our main app? Additionally, are there any available resources from Appfarm that can guide us to create something like this?


In general, the best solution is to create all functionality before you are actually logged in inside a seperate app. However, I’m not sure if your case is “register a lot of info as part of the signing-up process” or just adding information to already registered users upon their first login. I assume the first of these two.

My thoughts on this case

  • You might create an unauthenticated app (see video of this setup here) that may be used for both sign-up and log in. We have such a setup in the Sign-up app in Showroom, and you may inspect the setup of this (see showroom app inside Appfarm Create solution “Showroom”, or see it in use here)
  • With reference to the sign-up app in Showroom: Your app would need a few steps (step-by-step process) before the user is allowed to click “Register”. In these steps, you may have some runtime-only data sources for registering information, uploading some documents, registering name + email. The final step “Register” creates the user account (Create User action node) and saves all info + sends a confirmation email to the user. After this, the user may be navigated to the login view.
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I see now that i may have misphrased myself in the first post, sorry. When i say onboarding, i mean a interactive tutorial to take the user through “all” of our functionality and not “register a lot of info as part of the singing-up process”. This tutorial would take place after the user is singed up.

OK, I see!

We have no tutorial for this unfortunately. Onboarding comes in many different flavours dependent on the use case (what type of solution is the user onboarded to, and the information to be fetched, type of user etc…).

But in general, this could easily be built into the App itself. A typical approach could be to open some dialog or drawer with a step-by-step guide (Next-Next-Done buttons) IF the user has not logged in before. And if the user closes the dialog without completing it - some visual notification in the meny etc for the user to be able to complete the onboarding.