How to set up a paywall in my App?

In my App I have articles that should be fully visible to logged in users. Anonymous users (not logged in) should be able to see the same articles but only, say, the first 200 characters of the article text and be shown info about signing up to read the complete article.

How is this best achieved with AppFarm?

You frist need to set up two roles, one for the logged in users, and one for the anonymous users. They should both have access to the same app, but the anonymous user should have unauthenticated access.

Next, you can add two different UI components: one showing the whole text, the other only displaying 200 characters. Then, you can set the visibility of the components individually based on “Current user role” or the built-in App Variable “Is Authenticated”, i.e. the UI component displaying the whole text should only be visible to the authenticated users.

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