How to set up paywall in app

In my App I have courses distributed by QR-codes to unauthenticated users. I would like to set up a paywall there. Simply asking for an amount an then proceed to showing the course when the payment is done. Preferably it should be with something like Vipps.

  • Can this be done in AppFarm, and, if so, is this a complex attribute to integrate to my App or is it low in complexity an easily implemented?

Hi @huuse,

To answer your first question: yes, that’s definitely possible to build in Appfarm Create. The complexity is very subjective; it will depend on the details of your flow, your experience, documentation of the third-party tools you choose to use, etc.

There are a couple of things to consider that hopefully will make it easier for you to estimate the task:

  • What payment methods will be supported (vipps, credit card, Klarna, etc.)
  • Will your users be coming back to the previously purchased content
  • What kind of information do you need to store about your customers, and can this be done without creating a user account for them, even if just in the background (this might have GDPR implications)
  • Will the period during which the content is available be limited
  • How should accessing purchased content from different devices be handled

I recommend having a look at this paywall-related topic as well.


Thank you for your respons @Joanna !

  • We will need vipps and credit card
  • Yes, they would need to have access to purchased content later and on different devices. Indefinitely.
  • Minimal amount of information. I would prefer to do this without creating a real Appfarm User. Ideally we would only store email and a pin they can use to access the content later, the content they payed for and proof of payment.
  • No, in general it will be indefinitely.
  • go to the page and log in with email and pin.