Vipps integration

Hi, does anyone have experience integrating Vipps payment into Appfarm? And if so, do you have any idea how difficult and time-consuming it is to configure?


I have been involved in implementation of Vipps payment in Appfarm once. It is pretty straight forward technically.

You will need to register as a merchant to get the API keys for access. I believe it is pretty easy to get Access to the Test environement (where you may download a seperate Vipps app for testing, and get some test credentials).

Once you have access (a merchant ID and API keys) the technical implementation is in overall as follows:

  1. User clicks “Pay” → call the INITIATE api. The user is redirected and has 10 minutes to complete payment. You need to make sure that the user may switch app without having clicked cancel or pay inside Vipps, to your App need to display some sort of “payment in progress”. Remember to save the status to your Order, as well as the Vipps payment ID you receive back.
  2. When payment is done in Vipps, the status RESERVED is sent back. With “back” you need to define a Service Endpoint of a specific URL with a specific input, and you need to save this status to the Order. Getting this status back happens at the same time as the user is redirected to a given URL (that you defined as the input to 1)) that informs the user of payment success.
  3. You need another endpoint for receiving CANCELED from Vipps.
  4. You may need a Service schedule to call the api for CAPTURE. This is when the money is withdrawn from the account. For a normal webshop, when the order is fulfilled immediately, you may enable “Autocapture”. Of the customer orders something to be delivered ahead of time (e.g. delivery of a wedding cake in 2 months), Vipps will not allow Autocapture, and you will need to capture the order yourself when the delivery date is due.

So, all in all it is not very time consuming. Not the integration part. But you may spend some time on getting access, and to design the flow into your application.