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When applying boolean conditions, like the one below, it evaluates the expression as “False”, even if all conditions are “True”. It seems to me that the conditions are unable to correclty evaluate boolean values. If instead I use a databinding to the boolean value, I get the expected output (this also applies to the “Value format - Inverse boolean”. However this doesn’t solve my example, where I need to evaluate 2 boolean values.

Is this a bug?

Hello, if you click the blue “AND” icon, it will change to a green icon labeled “OR”. This may solve your problem. You can read more on conditions in Appfarm Create here: Let us know if the issue persists.

Also make sure that both the values you are evaluating are actually set to false and are not simply null or has no value. It is often better to check if a boolean value NOT EQUALS true instead of EQUALS false - assuming that you just want to check that the boolean has NOT been set to true.

This might be the case. The behaviour is more consistent using “not equals True” at least.
Hovewer in my example I switch from:
Databinding (the boolean variable) - Value Processor: Inverse Boolean
Condition: Variable equals false

In my mind these two options should have the same behaviour, however they dont. Databinding worked as expected, while with the condition the element was visible when it shouldn’t have been.
Note I did this test before adding the second condition, so the expressions should be the same

These two do not behave in the same way.
Databinding (the boolean variable) - Value Processor: Inverse Boolean will return True if the variable is False/null/undefined
Condition: Variable equals false will only return True if the variable is set to False.
However, I see that this is not clearly stated in our Docs, so we will include a section about it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

To avoid potential problems with boolean variables missing values, you can set a value on create for both App Variables and Object Class/Data Source Properties.

I dont think the problem is with the Boolean missing value. I have tried a few different things now see below. I dont understand how the same condition can yield different results.

Condition for text True:

Condition for text False:

Condition for container with icons:

Result no icons:

Changing the condition of the container to “not equals”, Result:

Can you send me a personal message and give me access to the solution, so I can look into it?