Creating your own LMS with Appfarm?


I am wondering if anyone has any experience in making your own LMS with Appfarm? It would be nice to create an LMS that is tailored to your own needs!

My first thought is that it is difficult to interact with the SCORM-standard. But maybe you can use something like this Rustici Engine: Add SCORM and xAPI support to your LMS?

Would love to hear some thoughts or ideas.

I’m not familiar with Rustici or what it does, but as far as I can see you can integrate with most of their services using REST APIs.

Hi! Looks like LMS has some standard (coded standards) when it comes to sharing articles etc across LMS platforms. These standards may change, and are hard to implement for many, so third party tools like Rustici are offering this as a service (API, or as an engine to incorporate into your own code)

By the looks of it, the Rustici engine provides and API to produce SCORM and xAPI standard “articles”: