Current User Empty

The Current User data source in our system is empty in the Dev environment. Any idea how we could fix this?


We’re also getting this error when loading the app, which I guess has something to do with it?


Yes, that is probably the reason.

The error is somewhere in the data - a reference property (with objected as datatype) has the value “4324” stored in the database. This has traditionally occurred when datatypes has been changed (but that feature has been pretty restricted now).

Can you think of any recent changes that might cause some incorrect / old data to be read into the App? If you manage to locate the data source / object class, you may correct or delete the record with GraphQL.

Tips for debugging:

  1. Create an App Copy
  2. Set half of the data sources "Initially disabled
  3. Still failing? The error is in the other half of the data sources. Repeat step 2 until the App loads just fint, and you have the data source causing the error.
  4. Inspect those data with GraphQL, and delete the record (or blank that reference property holding the value “4324”).

For the record, I found another similar error entry in the log with the value “Mazda” instead of “4324”.