Digital signatures

I am exploring the option of using digital signatures from BankID via Criipto. Is there any support for this? If not, is there any way to use their external library in appfarm: ?

Hi! You cannot install node.js libraries server-side in Appfarm. It is only possible to add custom javascript libraries to the client side (added in App Settings or Environement Config).

However, Criipto (and other vendors, such as Signicat) offers digital signatures via web APIs. Criipto offers a GraphQL REST interface, and you may send the document and credentials to Criipto using the web request action node.

A typical document flow (NB: I have not checked the docs for Criipto here, but this is how Signicat works):

  1. Send the document to Criipto, getting a URL for signing that document back (and a reference to the signature order)
  2. Open the URL or send the URL to the users who is going to sign it with BankID… Clicking the URL allows you to view and sign the document.
  3. When the document is signed, Criipto either sendt a response back to a predefined Appfarm endpoint, or you may probably pull Criipto regularly for checkin the signatureOrder status.