Create EHF invoice

We are looking to create EHF invoices. Has anyone done this using Appfarm? We are not really sure where to start.

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I’m not an expert in this matter, but I’ve encounter similar requirements.

EHF invoices are normally sent from invoicing/accounting software, and Appfarm is normally sending invoice data or order data to the invoicing accounting software (through APIs, for example you may send orders and order lines to Tripletex or similar through the respective APIs). Invoicing/accounting software is able to generate the EHF Invoices (an XML following the EHF specifications standard), and the software is normally also integrated towards the banking systems.

If you want to create this yourself in Appfarm (I’ve never heard of anyone who has done that) you must learn and understand the EHF Specification standard, and create an XML according to this standard. Then, this XML file must must be send to the bank APIs (it probably requires a lot of to get access), or maybe some third party exists that is offering some general endpoints for this purpose.

Based on my experience, I would believe that the customer wants “something that ends up as an EHF”. The normal solution to this is to integrate towards their accounting system sending the correct base into the the accounting system, and let the accounting system do the actual sending of the EHF (e.g. 24SevenOffice has endpoints for generating invoices, and you may specify the recipient and whether the invoice should be sent immediately and if EHF should be used).