Do Config/Admin Apps update all DEV/TEST/PROD databases automatically?

Do Config/Admin Apps update all DEV/TEST/PROD databases automatically? I couldn’t find an answer in the documentation.


Config and Admin apps work the same way as regular apps when it comes to updating data. They will only update data in the same environment, meaning that for example, data updates in TEST will only affect the data in the TEST environment. It is worth mentioning that this App Type is intended for temporary use or admin-type apps for data migration or raw data access.

How can I switch environments for these though? For regular apps, I can control their deployment and understand how to do that. But for these admin apps, I don’t see any options.

Here we have a small admin app that updates templates used for importing and exporting data objects, but it only works on DEV by default. How exactly can I make my admin apps export data to TEST or PROD?

When trying to edit the URL directly from dev to test, I get the following error, but don’t see where I can change my permissions.

I’ve also made sure that I’m logged in with the correct user and have the owner and maintainer access:


As you mentioned above; editing the URL from dev to test, as in regular apps, is the way to do it.

We have tested this with one of our users with an owner role, and this seems to work fine. Make sure that you are logged in with the user that has the owner/maintainer role. If you have several ongoing sessions in different tabs with another user logged in, this user will be logged in by default.

Try logging into the config/admin app in Inkognito mode or another browser, and ensure that you are logging in with the correct user.

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Thanks, it works! <3

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