Edit object in context

Could someone direct me to info about how to set up a way to edit an object that is selected and opened in a view displaying the details of that object?

Example: If I have a list of projects, and i can click on a project to view the details of that specific project (i know how to do this), but then i want to have an “edit”-button that takes me to a view allowing me to edit the info in the selected project.

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I guess the datasource in that list (projects) is database connected, with cardinality Many. In that case, when navigating from the list view to another view, you may data bind e.g. Projects.Title to a Text edit as long as that datasource has 1 selected object (otherwise, that second view, living a life on its own, has no clue which project to display). This type if construction is good if you want autosave - since binding a database connected data source to UI has autosave when the user edits that Title with the Text Edit (that’s the concept of database connected - it’s two-way connected to the database record)

However, if you want an “Edit with Save button” construction, you would need to e.g. add Project as a runtime only (preferably single cardinality) data source to your App Data section.

  1. Clicking that edit button in the project details view: run an Action with a Read Objects action node where you read from the Projects datasource (selected object) into the Project (runtime) datasource. Then open the Edit Project dialog
  2. The Text Edit in that dialog should be data bound to Project (runtime).Title, meaning the updated Title is stored in Project (runtime).Title, and thus not saved to the database until that datasource is persisted using the Persist Objects action node
  3. A save button. The connected action should have a Persist Objects (Project (runtime)) and a Close Dialog.
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