How to: List Object Sub-menu

(Using the “Projects-app” example for clarity) - How can I use the [after text action button] in the list of projects to open a small menu for the selected project where one can choose to edit/view details of/delete the object? How do i make it so that the action button toggles a drop-down menu (or similar) where i can choose between these different options?

Thanks for the help!


Using the UI Component “List”; as we have done in the My Projects app in the intro course does not come with full flexibility. You would need to create a Custom List.

With that custom list, you have full flexibility to define the behaviour of each row. Examples of solutions:

  • You may expand a sub-section per row, as done in the “Expandable list” example here: Appfarm Showroom
  • You may add an icon to the right side of each row, that opens a popover (also documentet here)

I will try it out, thanks!