Right clicking table rows

I am not able to right click a row from a table that I have, to open the row details in a new tab.
How can I change it so the user is able to right click and choose open in a new window or tab.
I can right click to open options menu like in the image:

but new window or tab is not an option
There might be already an option or solution for that, I just did not see it

Hi @Alaa,

As far as I know, there’s no option adding a event handler for right click on the table component. We’ve been building custom tables using containers as table rows and adding an action to the On Right Click event handler. There’s some nice custom table components in Farmer’s Market that you could build from.

Another solution might be to add a button on each row that opens a popover when clicked.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Kaspar thanks for your reply, I tried one of the tables in the farmers market, however the problem persisted, as I still can not see the option of new window or tab in the right click menu, I understand that there is an event (on right click) but as far as I know there is no action node that opens a new window or tab, popover would not work for me, because the whole point for me is that the app users want to open multiple rows in different tabs at the same time.

Hi @Alaa .
There is no native way to enable this in appfarm since the action following the event-handler is not a hyperlink, but (potentially) a series of logic being executed.
However, there might be a workaround in your scenario:
I am assuming you are using the “Navigate” or “Open url”-nodes in your action. Is that correct?
The “open url”-node has an option to “open in new window”.
You could consider adding a column-adornment with a button that uses a variant of your action where this option is toggled. If you are using the “navigate”-option, you would need to replace it with a "open-url"node and returning a url using function so that your url would take the active environment into account.
The result would be that the user has an available button in the table to open row-details in a new tab.
You could also catch if the user presses a ctrl-key while clicking the row and use that as a condition in the action.
The function you need then is this one:

if (window.event.metaKey) {
        return true

Hope this could work for you :slightly_smiling_face:

That did it, works perfect for my case, thank you