Please add a way to change all references of datasource used on a view, to another datasource of the same object class

I recently discovered that all components of one of my more complex forms were referencing the selected object of a database-connected data source. Now, I want the components to use a runtime object (singular) data source instead.

It would be great if I could “search and replace” these references on the form, similar to how it would be done in code. It’s very cumbersome to make these changes later, when you realize your past self, made a poor design decision.

I’ll let you in on a little secret :shushing_face:

You can use the replace contextual child functionality to switch from one datasource to another on the same objectclass.

If you databind your old datasource to iterating container on your parent container, then databind your new datasource as iterating container, a little checkbox asking if you want to replace contextual child will appear. Do this and all the databindings will change.

When you’re done, you can remove the iterating container.

Here is a video :smile:

Hope this helps, but I have still registered a challenge on making refactoring in Create easier

// Erik