How to blur background in Appfarm


Is it possible to blur the background of a container og textbox in Appfarm? I want to blur the background to make the text in front more visible.

\ Preben

Hi Preben,

There is sadly no straightforward way to make the background more blurry. However, assuming that the text you want to stay visible is in another Container than the rest, you could use the Opacity property in Conditional Styles to make the Container you want in the background more transparent.

Hope that helps!

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…however, it might be that you may just add a blurred transparent png image as a backgroung image? I have not tried it, but according to my quick research, it seems that such png images exists. And Appfarm supports png as background image on containers!


The ability to define blur radius would make more visual profiles possible to make in Appfarm. I would love to get that as a feature

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Registered! I believe you are refering to this functionality?

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m referencing!