How to use Push Notifications?

Does anyone know how to use Push Notifications and if it works on both Android and iPhone?
The documentation is quite limited (ESIN Policy - Appfarm Documentation) and does not explain, for example, the purpose of “Recipient Data Source”.
I’m guessing “Time to Live” has to do with the time the notification stays active, but is the number in seconds, minutes or milliseconds, and is the value mandatory?
It would also be nice if the messages could be translated using the default translation feature.

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Hi @lbj, push notifications will be fully functional from version 23.4 coming this autumn. We’ll make sure to update the docs :ok_hand:

Hi @lbj For now Push Notifications should be working on both Web and Android (but not iPhone, its coming with version 23.4 this autumn).
The recipient datasource is the datasource of all the Users you want to send a notification to.
And that’s correct, “Time to Live” determines how long the system will monitor a recipient’s device status so that a push notification can be delivered. It is expressed in seconds. It is not required as it is set by default to four weeks.


Thanks. It’s working on Android now. Please dont forget to enable translations on “Title” and “Message” before you release the next version.

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