Push notification - experiences

I don´t get push notifications to work consistently. On my Asus Zenphone 9 I don´t get any notifications at all, when testing both from the appfarm showroom example, or my own app. The phone receives notifications from all native apps. My PWA is listed in apps that are allowed to send notifications. (And both apps are “installed”)

I also tested my app on an iPhone and I got notifications once, but then no more notifications came in (I did not “snooze” or anything like that). I have enabled notifications on the phones via the action node before testing and I get a successful “push notification sent” in the console whenever a push shall be sent. It does not seem to work consistently.

Is there any way of troubleshooting this on the phone, or would it be possible to get some logging server side (if it stops there somehow?)

I also miss a more comprehensive documentation on docs.appfarm.io. For instance, when will the notification be delivered - does the browser need to be active (Seems that it works if it runs in the background) and any recommendations on how to make it work on mobile phones that don´t deliver them. Also, how does this TTL actually work. (What is the flow of the push notification - when will it be delivered etc)

If anyone has built push notifications in their app and made it work for “all” users succesfully, I would be grateful for any pointers and typical problems…

Thanks for any help!



A bit late response on this one.

But, here are 2 main things:

First, there are a few steps that are up to the developer or user to make push notifications work.
Read the “Remarks” section in the documentation of Push notifications here

Second, we have a bug in the way this works in Appfarm. Give this scenario: The app is added to home screen (installed PWA) and requests permissions, and the user says “Deny”. Then, the user goes to the notification center on the phone, and allows permissions. With this flow, the “Appfarm server” does not know about the subscription, and will not send notifications to that user/device. Workaround: Uninstall PWA, reinstall, request permissions (and accept). Or if you have the same issue in the browser: Reset permissions, then request permissions.

…and then, there is the issue of iOS 17.4.