Image URL not working as expected

I was just curious how this property worked, but I can’t seem to get a picture to display at all using Image URL.

I have tried using an app variable with an image URL set on create. I also tried setting the URL with update object. The address looks correct in the App Data inspector and the html that Appfarm creates also looks good. Am I missing something here?

Hi! Have you added the domain to the image source under the Environments config? More info can be found here.

Thank you, that was the solution.

If I can provide som constructive feedback I wish that the documentation was filled out in a way that this info was easier to find. My thought process was to search for “image url” which yielded no relevant results. And then to browse the Library->UI components to see that the Image object is not filled out.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll look at your proposition :smiley: