Implementing a comment log in a drawer

I am having some trouble implementing a comment log in a drawer. The implementation works in views and dialogs but does not work in drawers (The action on enter does not get triggered in the drawer). Is this a limitation of the drawer or is there another way to go about this?

Hi! Can you please provide more information, maybe with screenshots? Do you mean an action when opening the drawer or an action that is triggered with UI inside the drawer? Can you also provide more information about the action?

We have implemented a responsive drawer which opens from a view. The action which opens the drawer works as it should. In the drawer, we are implementing a comment log. When the user enters some text in the comment log, the action on ‘enter’ which makes the comment visible does not run. This implementation works on other views. It only fails in the drawer

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On enter, the text should appear at the level of ‘Message’ but it just disappears

The messages entered are shown on the logs but they are not displayed

Can you please check if you iterate the data source that stores “Message” in the container that holds the text? The container above the text field should repeat content to be able to display something (to have a context), since you might have more than one message stored in the “Message” data source. And if you want to display specific messages you might use the filter, sorting or limit properties.

We do iterate the data source that stores the Message. It works when working in a dialog but fails to create the ‘thread collection’ in the drawer so the message entered is not shown. What we will like to know is if this is a limitation of the drawer or there is something we are missing.


I just tried to copy the whole “Comment log” functionality (container) found here from a view into a Drawer. Works without any problems. So this is not an issue with the drawer, but probably something incorrect in the modeling/application.

Based on what you write: It sounds like maybe the View has some repeating context (“Thread collection” is repeated and the create new log entry is setting Log Entry.Thread Collection to “Object in contect”. However, if only that button is placed in a drawer instead, that drawer does not have an object in context (the action checks if it is triggered from a repeating UI context).

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It works now. Thank you for the help