Issues with Android app

We are receiving feedback from customers who say that the app is not working on Android devices. Are there any limitations on supported devices and OS?


There should not be any limitations, so it would be helpful to know specifically what the App does and what kind of issues you are facing when using the App with Android devices? Also, if there are any bigger components used.

I see. We tried opening the showroom sign-up (Appfarm Showroom) on an Android device running Android 10.0 to see if it was something that just affected us, and we receive the same error. Same applies to earlier versions of Android OS as well. Might indicate that there is something with the platform?

Ah okay. Do you have the possibility to test the App using an Androidn device running on the newest version which I believe to be Android 13?

Yes, it works on version 11 and onwards :slight_smile:

Appfarm supports the newest versions of the major browsers and operating systems. We cannot guarantee support for older/deprecated versions of OS/browsers.

So the fix here is to upgrade to the newest version. From a security perspective, the client should also ensure that they have updated their OS and/or browser version.

We completely agree - Do you have a list somewhere of supported OS/browsers that we can share with the customers? That way they know what preparations they need to make before using the product.

As mentioned, we strive for compatibility with the newest OS versions and browsers. If the customers have that, they should be more than good when using the product. However, we do not have a list of supported OS/browsers per now, but we hope to get an article out on in our documentation here as soon as possible.

Hope this helps for now, and thanks for writing to us!

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