Keyboard Event Handlers on enter


I use keyboard event handler: “enter”, so that when I press “enter” on my keyboard, it is running an action save and close dialog.

Let’s say I am on a customer details’ page and I am creating contacts.

It appears that when closing the dialog (saving the contact) the focus is still on the create (contact) button meaning that if I click once again on “enter” it will actually create a new contact again although I would like to save the customer by pressing enter again.

What would you suggest? Thanks

Hey @lequeuxa! Not a very Create-solution, perhaps, but what I’d try is adding a little Run code snippet to your save contact action, which would either clear focus or move it to the save customer button. Do you think it can work for your scenario?


It did not work as expected:

But anyway, that is not a big deal, did differently, it is only to let you know.

Just out of curiosity, how did you solve it?

Not a technical solution, I removed the need to add a contact, click on save … :wink:

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Solution-oriented! :blush:

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