Most options gone in Test for 1 App


in 4Service β†’ Virksom the test environment seem to hide allmost all UI options. All other apps works in every environment and Virksom works fine in dev, stage and prod. App data loads fine.

At 10:56 it is back.

Hi Sondre!

Thanks for reaching out. Glad to hear that everything is back to normal.

It’s hard to say what could have caused this. Was there any deploy with an upgrade of the Appfarm version before this occured? In that case, there could be some lag between the version and the model for a short time.

Let us know if it happens again or if you are able to reproduce it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No big deploys, some deploys of changes in the app without change. No consistent behavior spotted. Then it suddenly showed like normal again. So seems like a wild one :slight_smile: Posted just in case it was bigger than the one app in test :slight_smile:

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