New role not appearing in Current User Roles in developer tools (dev enivoronment)

I’ve created a new role and added users to it. I’ve also enabled the role for the given app under Permissions. I have not added all the various CRUD settings under object classes as the given user already have access to these from another role.

The new role does not show up under Current User Roles in developer tools even though the current user is member of that role/has that role. This happens in the dev environment.

Is there another step I need to complete to get the role working or is this a bug? I cannot recall to have experienced the same issue for other roles.

Hi! I can see that there is some delay on this. The new role appeared after some services were restarted.

Let me know if it has not yet appeared. Anyway, I’ll register a challenge on this.

I can confirm that it’s working now. I hope you can get rid of the delay or offer some way to push the changes to the dev environment. I assume it’s only a problem there.