"On File Over" and "On File Out" event handlers


I’m trying to create a file drop area using a container, with some dynamic ui components.
To get the desired animation, I’ve added a boolean that is toggled with the “On File Over” and “On File Out” event handlers to control the visibility conditions on the elements.

However, nothing happens when I try to drag a file over the container (the action is not triggered).


and thank you for your inquiry!

It appears that the issue stems from the absence of an enabled action on the “On File Drop” event. Apart from activating the “Enable File Drop” setting, it is necessary to initiate an action within the file drop event handler. You’ve successfully implemented actions for manipulating variables using “On File Over” and “On File Out”, but will in addition need an action on the “On File Drop” event handler.

You can read more about this in our documentation:

… or take a look at the example in Showroom:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the help! I placed the upload action on another container, but it worked as a charm when the actions were placed on the same container :slight_smile: