Is it possible to have both "On click" and "On drop" on the same Container?

I have 2 actions, one is connected to “on click” and the other is connected to “On drop” of the same container. When I try to drag and drop in the container it triggers the “on click” action. Is there any way I can solve this?

If you both click and release (as in “drag and drop”) inside the same container, the on-click is triggered.

If your Container A has both “On drop” and “On click”: Dragging an item from outside Container A, and dropping it onto/inside Container A, does not trigger On Click. Dragging an item from inside Container A, and moving it outside, does not trigger “On click”. Dragging an item from inside Container A and dropping it inside Container A will however trigger on click.

Solution: Have separate areas (or maybe an icon) for the On Click event handler, and the On Drop event handler."