Orgchart like nodes?

I’m currently working on developing a functionality similar to an organizational chart structure in Appfarm, and I’m curious to know if anyone has done something similar before. If so, I would appreciate insights into how it was achieved :slight_smile:

Hi @doffpett

We’re working a lot with org. structures in appfarm. In our data model we’ve defined a “Department” class containing department specific properties (name, department lvl, etc.) as well as a ‘Parent’ property. The ‘Parent’ property is what makes the orginiztional structure link the different department nodes together as it’s referencing itself (the same class in the model). Note that this setup defines the structure to have a one-to-many relationship between parent and child. Meaning that a organizational node can have multiple childs and a child will only have a single parent.

When building the organizational chart structure in your app, you can use the “Iterate Data Source” with the “Tree / Recursive” iteration variant. How you would like to style this is up to you and the possibilities are many.

Hope this will help :smiley: