Overflow when using virtualization

We are having an issue with overflow on our GANT(homemade, LEASI) diagram. We would like to only enable scrolling on the vertical axis, and not on the horizontal axis. Normally this would be no problem as appfarm lets you set overflow settings on both axis independent of each other.
However in our case we are using virtualization which as far as i can tell creates two new div`s behind the scene, where one off them has overflow set to auto, which makes both axis scrollable.

Is there any way to overrule this, or somehow control the attributes of the new div`s being created by virtualization?

Virtualization settings

New div`s being made when enabeling virtualization

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Hi Carlarrestad, and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, virtualization does not support manually overriding the scroll/overflow.
I’ll register your wish for better control of overflow settings on virtualized containers, however.

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