Problems with scrolling in View Container

Hi! I have a view container. I am struggling to get overflow/scrolling working with the listing of items. When I use the listing view by itself the overflow works fine. When I use the view in the view container the scrollbars do not appear on overflow.

I have tried wrapping the view container in another container and setting overflow to auto. Then the display of the listing is no longer visible. I inspected the HTML code and the listing is there, it is just not visible.

If I set overflow auto on the top view containing the view container I get scrollbars, but I would prefer having it on the sub-container level.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Make sure all parent containers of the view container have a “flex” setting if the scroll is placed inside the view container!

This works:
The main view settings

The view container settings

The sub-view settings

The container with a scroll inside the sub-view