Payment integration with Stripe

I am struggling with finalizing the payment integration with Stripe a bit, mainly the response mapping. I need some variable to “confirm” that the payment has succeeded, but I cannot really find a very easy way to do this and am in need for some advice. It would be enough with a boolean response on whether or not the session is successful or not!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there!
We have a guide for integrating Stripe.
It mentions use of “success_url” and “failure_url” which might be what you are looking for?

Let me know if the guide does not answer your questions!

Thats right, I have used this guide. However, I need some sort of variable in order to “verify” in the data source that the customer has actually payed. In order to give access to certain features, and I struggle doing this unless I brute force with a condition on the URL. Is there no variable in the response data which one can retrieve that gives the status or process approval in a boolean value?


I believe you are refering to step 7 of that guide. Step 7 has now been updated with an actual example.

A successful payment in Stripe must be handles by a Service Endpoint in Appfarm. Not from the App. Stripe sends a specific JSON to an endpoint (as defined in step 9 in the guide) when a payment is successful (or not). So, the action that is triggered from that Appfarm endpoint need to check if the payment status is paid.

Thank you, that was very helpful! Also, I am a bit unsure about the alias slug? Is that just the name of the service or am I completely off?


URLs to Appfarm service endpoints are in this form:
https://[HOSTNAME][service alias slug]/[Service endpoint readable ID]

  • Service alias slug is defined in Service Settings (top-right cog wheel) → Alias Slug
  • Service endpoint readable id is defined in the Readable ID property on the Service Endpoint

You may also see these by clicking Explore API from the Services menu in Appfarm Create (opening Swagger, for testing the Service Endpoints)