Release Notes 105

As we approach the summer season, we are accelerating our efforts. Here is version 105 and the highlights.

Rich Text improvements

The Rich Text Editor now supports spell checkers, such as Grammarly. In addition, a new UI component is now available for displaying Rich Text in read-only mode.

Noteworthy improvements

  • Add Custom Attributes to the Container if you have specific requirements, for example when implementing full WCAG support.
  • Support for caching file data for opening files offline. Read more here.
  • Improved scalability of PDF generation for supporting larger PDFs.

Full list

What’s New

  • WCAG - Support custom attributes for Ui Containers (#2554)
  • Update Object does not update values in the correct order. (#4086)
  • Improve Data Handling in Dev Console (#4269)
  • New Component: Rich Text (viewing only) (#5108)


  • Opening documents offline does not work (#4785)
  • Reset default <button /> style for creating custom button from Container (#5024)
  • Rich Text Editor - Support built-in spell checker (#5044)
  • Rich Text Editor - Add cursor (text) after table, quote and code block (#5088)

Bug Fixes

  • The same reference is shown multiple times in “Find References” and clicking the duplicate will make the Action Node editor go blank (#3912)
  • Unable to expand/shrink Reference finder in “Service - Endpoints” only (#4334)
  • Expanding/Retracting body data in services hides the reference checker (#4499)
  • Permissions: Client-login access differs from permissions page and role details (#4794)
  • Offline: ChunkLoadError on preview of documents (#4824)
  • Built-in Updated date: Should not be set if only runtime property is updated (#4883)
  • Request System Permission action node does not wait for the user (#4886)
  • Offset-property in the styling panel: Only possible to paste into the bottom offset (#4898)
  • Create Fonts: Updating font family of a font fails with status code 400 (#4901)
  • Create Service Accounts: If line break when updating the description is used it is not possible to update the SA (#4902)
  • Adding and removing a static dataset on gauge chart crashes Create (#4907)
  • Map with Data GeoJSON layer crashes the client with Invalid GeoJSON object as an error (#4909)
  • Gauge chart crashes app with TypeError: N[t] is undefined (#4924)
  • Enumerated types listed as Database connected in devtools and are empty until the user refreshes the client (#4927)
  • Multi Reference: Cannot Select Enum in Context (#4943)
  • Table with In-menu adornments: Create crashes when Color is defined on adornment (#4976)
  • Set client language on App Load: Effects causes On view load to fail (infinite spinner) (#4989)
  • When removing roles in the Users menu with a filter enabled, Appfarm Create crashes (#5006)
  • Sequential ID, Random ID, Created By, Updated By, Created Date and Updated Date all have non-working Value on Create properties in the Global Data Model (#5013)
  • Duplicate file objectclass seems to result in 2 _id objectclassproperties (#5018)
  • Conditional Permissions: Filter tab opens everytime the right side of the filter condition is clicked when no filter is set (#5061)
  • Conditional Permissions: Right-side data source filtering limitations (#5100)
  • Create File Object fails with timeout errors in Safari for iOS (#5188)
  • Old Android / iOS browsers crash Appfarm Client (#5231)


I’m not sure I like these new enhancements :thinking: (I get that these are issue titles, but for release notes they don’t really work that well)

Also, could you clarify what “Improve Data Handling in Dev Console” means?

I see that those titles could be improved. But the challenges/bugs related to opening documents offline, and some (cornercase) related to update objects using functions has been fixed.

“Improve Data Handling in Dev Console” is related to this community post (the ability to copy data from Developer Tools)