Scroll container moves by it self

2023-03-02 14-57-24.mkv (1.1 MB)

hey guys, as you can see from the attachment when I try to move a draggable container to left the scroll container starts moving. My question is that is it a feature embedded in appfarm or can I configure it?

Hey @habibftw, could you attach your screen recording as a gif or mp4?

@Joanna here ya go

Thank you!
I’ve tried to reproduce it, but without much success. You can have a look at the video below.
My starting point was the Showroom example called Drag and Drop Responsive Kanban, with a couple of layout tweaks. Could you have a look at the setup there and check if you see anything that could be causing the container to move in your case?

Here are some links to relevant resources:

@Joanna HI! I have reproduced the problem in the showroom, so when the scrollbar is in middle and when you try to add the card at the top you can see it jumps. In my case, it’s the same just in the horizontal axis.

Hi @habibftw, we’ve had a closer look at this and can confirm that this is the built-in behavior of our Drag & Drop containers, e.g. they behave this way by design.

When the center of a draggable container gets within a small distance from the edge of a container we start auto-scrolling. As the user gets closer to the edge of the container we increase the speed of the auto-scroll. This logic applies to any edge that is scrollable.

For case-specific custom behavior that’s critical, the Coded Component might be a better alternative.