While dragging a container it's not visible

hey guys, so I am trying to implement a drag-and-drop functionality in a container. In the video, you will see on the left side that we can move and drag a container and it has no issue with visibility. But as I try to drag the container to the right while dragging the container disappears.

I checked with all the other draggable containers and the only difference I found is that the container on the right side is in a view container component.
is there any workaround for it?


I am not able to reproduce this in my solution.
Are you sure that there are no conditions that are ran on drag start that would hide the container?



We cannot recreate this one based on the info provided, in other words, drag and drop vertically inside a view in a view container is working in general.

Could you provide some more info:

  • Some screenshots of the structure / tree view
  • The settings of that draggable container, and the parent (the repeating container)
  • Is any action running when an item is dragged?

It would be beneficial to try to copy that drag/drop area over to another view, just to see if it works in a more isolated case.


So i tried to copy the structure that is in the view container’s view and used it in a dialog (also used it in a stand-alone view). The first screen shot is from the view container’s structure

this one is used in the dialog

in this video you can see that it does not work in the view container but works in a dialog

note: I did not add any kind of drag action or drop action to the containers yet

hey, @kristian @ErikAKSkallevold any follow-up on this?


No, we are unable to reproduce this in any case. It is probably something else in the large main view or subview that is causing this.

So, you will need to narrow it down a bit more. I guess if you try to put drag / drop in a new subview in another view, it works.


  • make a copy of the app for debugging
  • remove bit by bit until it works, then the root cause is related to the part you removed last
  • you may also try to inspect the html of the element being dragged and invisible on why it is invisible