Scrolling is adjusted to the largest content in a view container

We have a page that consists of 3 sections vertically. The middle part is expandable and top and bottom is fixed.
in the middle part we have a visbility group with many different pages inside containers. The issue is that the content height is varying, so the scroll of the page is always adjusted to the largest content. When we look at the pages with less content, the scroll allows for the same amount of scrolling which turns out to be very odd. We want the scroll only to be present when needed (as normal when set to auto), but in our case it is possible to scroll all the content off the screen, for the containers that has content with low height. How can we fix this?

As seen on the image we see the size of the largest container in the visbility group.


If I understand you correctly, I think this could be solved by enabling scroll on each container inside the visibility group.

Let us know if that helps. If not, could you provide us with screenshots from the set up in Create?

Have a nice day, thank you!