"Show loader" with image or lottiefile?

Request for a new function.

When we have enabled “Show loader” on a container, it would be nice to have more options to add a image or a lottie. When the loader is enabled the text and circular loader runs, but also a lottie using the same enable trigger as the loader. Then we dont need to do all the “work” for adding the lottie for a better UX experience.


It may be solved “quite simple” the following way:

  1. You have a Container, where you would normally have a Show loader bound to av variable App variables.Show loader.
  2. Add a Visibility Group as a parent (Uncontrolled)
  3. Add a new Container with the lottie file within it, as a sibling (next to / at the same level as) to the Container 1)
  4. Add visibility conditions on the 2 containers. Container 1 visible if App variables.Show loader != true and Container 2 (the lottie-container) visible if App variables.Show loader = true

We will consider adding more flexibility to the “Show loader” however (even though it would only differ a few clicks), to make it easier to set up!

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