Time - randomly changing +/- 1 hour

Very randomly it seems like the clock in the app suddently is one hour behind for some users, and if we refresh/log in/out it is correct. The impac seems to be random and it affects several users.


If you are using an app-variable to show the clock. This will be set when the app loads and not be updated automatically.

If you want it to be updated every minute you need to use a timer to update the app variable.

You can find timers under App settings → Other → Timers.

Add a timer to trigger at a certain intervall (eks each 60 sec). Then have an action that updates your app variable.

No, we are not showing a clock. But we use timestamps for like comments etc. and the system prints the timestamps. And these timestamps suddently changes one hour for some users, and if we refresh the timestamps are correct again.

Hi again,

Sorry for the late reply. Is this fixed?
If not, whats the name of the Solution?

Hello @HJT

We are still struggling with this.

When we add comments to a case if the time is 13.00 the comment can show 14.00 or 12.00 sometimes. So 1h difference.

Same with a oppgave function we have. The rådgiver decides when they want to be notified about a thing. If they ask to be notified at 15.00 they get notified at 14.00 sometimes.

So its still a issue.

We do have some users accessing Appfarm another timezone where its +1h differnece compared to Norway, maybe that has something to do with.

Please help us with this, we can email you more info if you need

I sent you a DM @simenzen