View not found on app load

Hi Appfarm,

To make sure my app reads view url parameters, I define a view on appload:

But sometimes the view is not found:


Thank you for reaching out to us. In order for us to assist you better with your case, could you kindly provide us with some additional information? Please let us know if you have noticed any pattern of when this issue occurs and if it’s happening in all environments or just in the development environment. Have you noticed any error messages in the console when you have Create open? Additionally, please check the app’s health status to see if there are any notifications regarding the specific view in question. Also, it would be helpful if you could check the development tools for any errors or warnings.

We’ll try to help you as best as we can once we have some more information. :slight_smile:



Sure, happens in dev and in prod.
Need to do this workaround because homepage in the app does not apply url parameters so I navigate to homeview applying url parameters for home page (I have visibility conditions linked to url parameters on a few containers inside the subview contained in the homepage).

There is no info about this issue in App health and I can’t find more info than the screenshot in the devtool.

To reproduce the error, I must login in incognito mode with my browser, I guess it is a cache related thing

I can add you to the solution if needed, it is Jerouville one


This is a timing vs cache issue. Very peculiar and hard to recreate - but the solution is just to add a small delay in the “on app load” (sleep 200).

We’ve copied the app into another App (named DEBUG), and registering a challenge to find the root cause.

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Short update here. We’ve found the root cause. It’s been a potential bug for a while, but never occured. It seems that in some cases (only this App identified so far) the metadata (info about which views exists etc) is read after the “On app load”. They normally happen in parallell or metadata is read before. Metadata is cached, so this only occur once for new users.

The workaround with “Sleep 200ms” will be kept until a permanent fix is in place.

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