Loading app takes time (suspect only happens on iPhone)

Some of our iPhone users are experiencing that the app takes “forever” to load, stuck in the spinning circle on start. I have seen the issue on Android, but im not sure if that is related.

Has anyone experienced similar issues? This has been an issue for several months. The users close down the app and open it, and then it loads without a problem. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with data loaded in the app load.

Could it be related to the “white page only” issue that was on iPhones before, just in a different flavor?

Unfortunately I have nothing to show wrt logs as these are “real” production users. Is this a known issue or something that has been reported?

Hi, and thanks for posting!
I cannot seem to find this issue reported from other users or internally, and it would probably need to be investigated a little further to find an answer as to why this happens.

A good starting point could be:

  • Is the circular loader actually frozen or in motion when this occurs?
  • When does this happen? (is it on initial load, when navigating from one view to another, or has the app been open for some time and they refresh it?)
  • You seem to have checked everything in your initial app load, but could there be runtime properties, run code or any other calculations either in the data or the UI that might cause some hiccups from time to time?
  • Do the users have a stable connection?

Another thing that could be useful is to note what OS and browser(s) this happens in.

I will leave your post open in case anyone else in the community has experienced similar issues so they can reply in this thread.

I hope this is helpful, if you find anything interesting, please let me know the steps so I can recreate it and report it to the developer team.

Hi, we have been experiencing the same problem for several months without finding the cause.

It looks like it mainly applies to iPhone/Safari. It only happens in some cases and we are unable to extract anything sensible from the console log. If you close the app and reopen it a couple of times, it will eventually start to work. We do not run any actions on app load.

I have tried to answer some of your questions @tonje

  1. The circular loader is not frozen but in motion

  2. The problem often occurs if the user has been away from the app for a longer period (30 min +). When the user reenters the app, it tends to crash.

  3. We were able to recreate this bug in an “empty” application, so it doesn’t look like there is anything in our code that is causing the problem.



  1. same here

  2. suspect the same here, they experience when they want to open the app. The app has been opened before and they just bring it into view again.
    After a while they give up, close the app and open it, and it works on the first try

  3. These users are “on the move” so I suppose they may be switching between mobile and wifi coverage.

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Hi @Erik and @user18, thanks for elaborating on this issue! I will report this and your additional info to the platform developers so we can do further investigations as to why this happens.