Production environment stuck on loader when using one of our clients private Wi-Fi

Hi, we have encountered an issue with one of our clients, where they weren’t able to load the app on their home Wi-Fi, but were successful when using a mobile hot spot. I’m wondering what can be the source of this problem, because diagnosing it will be difficult as the issue is present on our clients computer. My initial thoughts were that they may have some form of non-standard configuration of their router, such as Pi-hole, but they didn’t strike me as they would have anything like this. The app loaded up until a point where only background color loaded (devTools didn’t load and no errors were thrown in the console log)
I have a very open question of any suggestions you folks can have about possible sources of this issue, or any previous experience in this matter. Anything I can check that can give me a hint of what was happening
Thank you for your replies

Output from Chome Dev Tools would be useful here, specifically look at the Network tab – which requests are failing?

I’ll take a look there when I’ll have an opportunity, thanks