Development environment keeps on loading

Hi. We are currently, and have been experiencing for the last 20 minutes som trouble with the development environement. When trying to rund the dev application, we are all just stuck on a loading screen and nothing happens. Can someone help us? :slight_smile:


Is there any errors in the console log?
If so, can you take a screenshot? :smiley:

The console log is not loading anything

What about the console log in chrome?
On a mac, open it with the following keyboard shortcut: Cmd + Option + J
Is there some more info there?

Okay, we found the issue and managed to fix it. It was a wrongly set filter on a datasource. I dont quite understand why it made the app not load, since the data source was not in use anywhere

Nice to hear that the problem is fixed! :smiley:
I will try to recreate and see if there is anything we can do to at least give some better feedback.

How was the filter on the datasource set?

I believe it was set like this: "Project = β€œ12345” " and then the problem was that β€œ12345” did not exist.

Thank you, i will try to recreate :smiley: