Web request Enum mapping not working as expected


I have a web request that provides an enum value in a string (e.g. Submitted). When I have added this to the property mapping I expected that the “Submitted” value in the web request would map to the Enum String value “Submitted”. But this is not happening.

Any suggestions?



It seems like this is not a general bug, as it works when setting up a similar testcase.

Example test case:

  1. using webhook.site to return the following:
"value": "Test"
  1. An enum defined in Appfarm as follows:

  2. A datasource with a property of data type “My test enum”

  3. A web request as follows:

Can you maybe try to add a runtime property (string) to the datasource of the result mapping, and map the TurnoverStatus to that property as well, to verify that “Submitted” is mapped? Or/and maybe a screenshot of your web request if it still doesn’t work?

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Thanks for the quick response. Found the user error, the new status field was not selected in the get request :upside_down_face:

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