A/B Testing Capabilities

I’m exploring A/B testing capabilities within Appfarm. Has anyone tried A/B testing on the platform, and if so, could you share your experiences and any recommendations?


We do not have this implemented in the platform, but it’s very possible to build an A/B testing set-up by using several of our concept and components.

Depending of the extent of the content you want to test, you could use a Visibility Group or View Container to switch between these controlled by a property. This property could be as simple as an App Variable with a function that on app load sets a number [1,2] that controls the content displayed. To track and save what the user actually is shown and eventually also if it the content is interacted with, you could create an object class which saves this information.

This is only an example, as there probably are different ways to achieve this kind of testing and tracking.

Let us know how this works out or if you find any other way to implement this!

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