🤯 Action Node failed: Persist Objects -> DataTypeError: Expected number/float got number

Hi, we started getting this error message 2 days ago in a service that has worked fine previously.
It seems like it should still work, and i have checked all of the different functions that sets a value on those fields. All of them use floats, parseFloat(String) or just numbers like 100. Tried to use 100.0 insted and it did not fix it.

Seems very similar to this post:

As everything seems fine it would be nice with some help to figure out where it is :slight_smile:
Some function examples:
return nEpris * ((100 + parseFloat(paslag))/100)
(nEpris * ((100 + prosentPaslagNorengros)/100))/antallPerEnhet
(salesPriceInCurrencyPris*((100.0 - salesDiscountPercent)/100.0))/antallPerEnhet
Function editor states all attributes as Float except paslag which is String.

Ps. even the error message indicates that everything is fine :smiley:

Thanks for the report! The error message is slightly misleading and will be updated in a future release.

Currently investigating what caused this regression, will report back once we know more.

Update: This turned out to be a data-related issue that cropped up around the same time as the new version was rolled out, making it look like a regression.

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