App not found - API explorer

Hi, i am experiencing “App not found” when clicking “Explore API”. The API explorer is enabled. In 1 solution dev, test and prod gives the message while in another all except dev don’t work.

Hi @Sondre! Are you logged in in the different environments (I mean in the client)? And does your user have permissions to access the applications?

Yes, i am Owner plus multiple roles in both environments and logged in in create, and can log into the prod environment as a user where the API explorer in prod gets app not found. If by client you mean the “App-side/API-side” then i dont get that option. Just straight to “App not found” without the login option.


Is the URL /api/services/ or /api/services ?

The latter of the two has never been working (fixed in the next Appfarm version) and gives this error message. I’ve also seen this error while exploring the API without being logged in (but redirect to login is also fixed in the upcoming version).

If none of these is the case, could you send me the solution name in DM?

In Chrome clicking here

works fine. In Brave it gives app not found. URL is /api/services/ in both cases. Will DM solutions as well

“Closing” this one after a dialogue. It seems a bit inconsequent whether you are redirected to login or get “App not found”, but it also seems to work if you are logged in. Montoring this one (if it continues to happen).