Azure AD login when user does not have email (F1 license)

In our solution we have a large volume of users. We are using the custom auth provider to enable login though Microsoft (Azure AD). Initially all our users have been given a Microsoft F1 license, but to cut cost we are now looking into removing this license. The user will still have a functional account, but without a working email associated with it (Teams, Outlook etc.).

When testing login with a user without the F1 license I get the following appfarm error: “MissingRequiredClaimError: Missing required claim, email, from id_token”

Under “Custom Auth Providers” I have tried checking the “Remove Custom Scope” and given only “profile” and “openid” in the Custom Scope field. And I still get the same error. It seems that appfarm require an email through the scope.

One potential fix is to enter a private email for every user inside Azure AD. This is however not practical when dealing with this many users.
2023-11-22 13_37_24-Appfarm - Error

Any suggestions? :blush:


As of now, email is a required claim for authentication in Appfarm. However, we are currently working on adding support for email-less accounts. Once this feature is introduced, users will be able to have functional accounts without a working email associated with them.