Broken navigation when changing sub-view URLs

Du to change in naming conventions in the project, I decided to change the name and path of one view and all of its sub-views. These are controlled by a Tab where the activeTab.value = Url.SubView . This in turn decides what to show in a view container.
After changing the URLs of the sub-views and visiting the page, none of the tabs worked. They all redirected to the app’s default view. Refreshing the page several times did not resolve the problem.
I had to clear the browser cache in order to make it work.

Is this a problem/bug restricted to the dev environment, or should I expect the same thing to happen in prod?

Hi @lbj

We had a similar case and are already working on solving the error. However, we cannot yet say when the fix will be ready.

Hey Simona
Clearing cache seems to fix that , thank you :smiley:

What about real users in production ? is it necessary to clean their browser cache ?

it will be a problem if it’s the case

First, a quick note on the release numbering system: The current production release number is 23.4. However, we’ve decided to make a change and the next release will be numbered 100.

So the new release 100 will be released tonight and this version might fix the cache problem. Can you please check if you are still experiencing problems after deploying the new release into production?

A permanent solution is already in the works, but needs to be thoroughly tested by us first. We are working on including it in the next release (101).