Changing "readable ID"

Hi. We have just changed our company name, and therefore also want to change our readable ID.

Is there a way to redirect the users who are currently using the old link or maybe have two at the same time?


Information found in Blue Dot: "If you change the Readable ID, the app URL will change, and you will have to provide the new URL to all users. Home screen shortcuts on mobile devices will also be invalid. "

However, if you have changed the readable ID of an app but still want users to be able to access it using the old ID, you can create a new empty app with the old ID that redirects to the app with the new ID using the Open URL action node. To do this, add the Open URL action node to an action that runs On App Load. This way, when a user enters the solution with the old readable ID, they will automatically be redirected to the intended app with the new readable ID.

I hope this information was useful to you!


Thanks for that Lars!