Disable swipe when clicking inside a container

I have a horizontal swipeable questionaire. Problem is that when I try to move the slider, i start swiping, which is not the desired (and expected!) behavior. I would say this is a bug. Is there a workaround to disable the swipe of a container?
(and yes i tried to disable the swiping on this specific page, but that gives a very very odd behavior where it looks like its swiping a few times extra when triggered on/off)

i made a movie to explain, but that cant be uploaded. so attached a screenshot from the movie to try to show the problem. (i grabbed the slider, but instead it grabs the whole page since its swipeable.



Given that you dont need to swipe between the pages with the mouse, it should be enough to set the “disable swipe” property to true?

I got Nejra to test it on the actual app and it looks like that fixed it? Can you confirm, or is it a problem still? :smiley:

I turned off the swiping since the slider didn´t work when it was activated. But ideally I would like to keep the swipe possibility…

Expected behavior would be that when clicking on the slider, it would activate the slider and control the slider instead of “grabbing” for swipe…

I understand :smiley:

I will register a challenge!

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